Astronomer found a lost in space satellite NASA

By: Pavel Chuikin | 29.01.2018, 10:16
Astronomer found a lost in space satellite NASA

Amateur astronomer Scott Tilly was looking for the lost secret satellite of the US Air Force Zuma, and found a lost research satellite NASA.

What happened

In 2000, for 150 million US dollars NASA launched the IMAGE. The scientific satellite worked diligently until 2005 and successfully fulfilled the task, which consisted in studying the magnetosphere of the earth under the influence of solar winds and made 37 scientific discoveries. Then the agency said that the connection with the satellite disappeared and he was declared missing.

After 13 years, astronomer Scott Tilly discovered the signal from the satellite under the number "2000-017A". After a short study, he found out that this is the very apparatus IMAGE, which allegedly lost in 2005. After a while, Tilly announced his discovery to the satellite and NASA investors. Those confirmed that this IMAGE and reported that it still operates six systems, which will continue to transmit useful for scientists data.

Cause of disappearance

In addition to interesting but dubious versions of satellite theft by aliens, the most reliable is the following: The earth covered the sun's rays from IMAGE batteries, and at some critical moment it turned off when the battery charge was depleted. After that, the spacecraft restarted the system and turned on, but at NASA it was no longer searched.

Source: Sciencemag