Oppo also makes a smartphone with a folding screen

By: Eugene Sherban | 29.01.2018, 13:46
Oppo also makes a smartphone with a folding screen

As soon as we   have become accustomed to   frameless smartphones, as companies rushed headlong toward progress. New trend   - smartphone with   folding screen. This will now be and   the   Oppo.

ABOUT   than speech

AT   The patent office has an application from   company Oppo on   patent folding smartphone. Judging by   screenshots   it's a fairly simple design   - in   folded   look like   a small notebook, and   decomposed turns into almost   the tablet. No additional screens, styluses and other buns have been noticed.


Who else does folding smartphones

One of   first became the company ZTE, which released on   the Axon M market with two displays. The audience met him rather coldly (to her   and   not   explained why we need a second screen), but the ZTE management will   further to bend this line. Then on   closed show on   conference CES guys from   Samsung showed at once 2 folding smartphones . A   most recently in   network surfaced patent for a folding smartphone LG, u   in   the front side will have a small additional display.

Source: CNMO