Projectors Epson with 3LCD technology at the exhibition IFA 2010

By: technoslav | 11.09.2010, 21:29
Projectors Epson with 3LCD technology at the exhibition IFA 2010
Epson EH-R4000

At the IFA 2010 exhibition, Epson presented 4 models of its projectors equipped with 3LCD technology, using three reflective LCD panels and separately processing the blue, red and green channel images. That allows you to achieve a wide color coverage of the picture and transmit a rich black and white colors. The two Epson EH-R2000 and EH-R4000 models are designed for premium home theater systems, and the Epson EH-TW3200 and Epson EH-TW3600 entry-level projectors are offered to consumers who want to join home cinema projectors, but are not ready to leave with significant amounts. All four new products support FullHD resolution and can create a projected image with a diagonal of up to 300 inches. The older models provide a brightness of 1200 lumens and have 5 color modes of operation for different lighting conditions. The function of interpolation of frames gives, according to the manufacturer, clear images in dynamic scenes. The contrast ratio reaches 1 000 000: 1 for the Epson EH-R4000 and 500 000: 1 for the Epson EH-R2000. And the projector console can control other home appliances (for example, a Blu-ray player). The models simplify the brightness of 2000 lumens for the Epson EH-TW3600 and 1800 for the Epson EH-TW3200.

Epson EH-R2000
Epson EH-TW3600
Epson EH-TW3200
3LCD technology: three reflective LCD panels