Sony for the year increased its profits by 14 times. But not at the expense of smartphones

By: Elena Shcherban | 03.02.2018, 14:40
Sony for the year increased its profits by 14 times. But not at the expense of smartphones

Sony Corp. told about   their incomes for   third quarter of 2017 (with   1 October to   December 31, 2017). A   There is something to boast about: the company beats all sorts of records and   again increases its forecasts.


Behind   the third quarter the company earned $ 23,649   billion, which is   11.5% more than the same period in 2016. Operating profit was $ 3,105   billion, for   the year increased by   279.8%.

Net profit of Sony for   the year grew by   a record 1407.3%   - up to   $ 2,619   billion

On   than earned

Good indicators are fixed almost in   all directions of the company's activity: the production of game consoles and   work related services, the release of household entertainment electronics and   semiconductor products, film production and   sound recording. For example, the Sony Pictures studio increased profits thanks to the unexpectedly high fees of the film " Jumanji: Call of the Jungle " . A   PlayStation increased revenue by   16.2% thanks to the prefixes PS4, games and   subscription services.

What to say, even in   segment of cameras is growing, albeit   small.

But in   end mobile unit: it does not   can boast of increased incomes, but, most likely, none of this and   not   expected.


Having received a record profit, in   Sony has increased and   forecasts for   the entire fiscal year ending 31   Martha. The company counts on   720   billion yen profit against the previously expected 630   billion yen.

Personnel permutations

In addition to the forecasts, the company outlined the   composition of senior management. The executive chair of Kazuo Hirai, who worked for   this post is 6 years old, will yield to the financial director Kenichiro Yoshida. Kazuo Hirai will assume the post of chairman of the board of directors, and   The current head of the mobile unit will be   head of strategic planning Hiroki Totoki.

Source: Sony