Block-child-kindergarten with crypt-carrots and cucumbers, and other game of the week

By: Eugene Sherban | 04.02.2018, 13:40
Block-child-kindergarten with crypt-carrots and cucumbers, and other game of the week

By tradition, we end the week with frivolous results. AT   Today's issue of your game is waiting for a very different order: a forgotten love story of Saddam Hussein, a kindergarten on   block, a bus advertisement with   synthetic man and   twin brother of the fox, who conquers Instagram. AT   as a bonus   - Harold's music video, which suffers pain. Therefore, rather make tea and   make yourself comfortable.

AT   opened a cryptodeadsad, where they teach   example of carrots and   cucumber

The main business lesson of 2017? Insert the word block in   the name of anything. So on   YouTube has a video with   a story about   near Moscow kindergarten on   blockhouse. Say, this is the first in   world of " cryptodeades " , in   where children are taught the basics of trading and   crypto-currency. AND   this is a perfectly chic story. Children jumped here when the crypt's course would grow, with   walls on   They are watched by the creator of the " ether " Vitalik Buterin, and   The teacher explains the fluctuations in the carrot rate in that   Bunny today is a bad mood. The author of the video claims that this is a real kindergarten, and   plot in   the last moment was removed from   ether. we   we prefer to keep faith in   humanity and   We hope that this is witty advertising.

On   Amazon unearthed the love story of Saddam Hussein, in   which rape a bear


A great man is great in   all. This is how the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein turned out to be   I wrote books about   simple people, who   before what is not   stops and   forever with   someone fights. Western critics consider his opuses to be a manifestation of megalomania, Iranian critics find in   they have a profound philosophical overtones. But   here in   network surfaced news of   that Saddam was the author of a sugary female novel about   how love for   simple girl makes the Iraqi king accept Islam (the action takes place in   7th century). Written it is so crazy and   It's ridiculous (all bad characters are like   Americans, there is a scene where the paste rapes a bear), which leads to   thoughts about   that he wrote it all   Saddam personally, and   not   hired by him   ghostwriter. TO   word, if you   subscribe to   program Amazon Prime, then   just have time to get the book before   The 14th of February. No matter how   steep   - an excellent gift .

Chinese women spend millions on   virtual boyfriends

Among the Chinese girls incredible popularity was won by the game " Love and   producer " , in   which they   you need to play for   woman-television producer , which saves the television company of his father from   collapse. The game is not   as many games as popular in   China's " visual novel " , in   which from   player is required to select the answer options in the   dialogues and   sometimes press a couple of buttons. However, the goal of the game is rather   to find a narrowed one. A   career   - Pleasant bonus. By   four candidates   - the company's tough CEO, a well-thought-out special forces officer, a brilliant scientist and   light - minded pop singer . And what about money? In addition, that girls pay for   then, to a virtual boyfriend of   games could   to call. The role of virtual boyfriends, of course, is played by simple guys from   call centers . By   Quartz data only in   January, Chinese girls spent on   game of the order $ 32   million A   you   say that Electronic Arts is evil with   their luteboxes.

The twin brother of the " gutted fox " conquers Instagram

game 5.jpg

The conquest of today's instagram is a simple matter   - engaged in appearance, went to   rocking chair, then realized that you   not   beautiful girl with   big breasts and   stupidly screwed up subscribers. A   Here is the conquest of instagram with   some kind of game   - this case is really tricky. The heroine of the week   - Englishwoman Lisa Foxtrot, who thanks to her spectacular appearance could   would become a star of social networks, but   instead, I got an account with   " With the fox in hand. " Yes, it was already, but   Lisa brought the idea to   a new level. She called the stuffed baby Jesus , the friends' trolling, periodically carrying the scarecrow in   guests and   celebrities, parodying their famous photos. Higher, for example, Jesus with   hair-macaroni of young Justin Bieber.

The Netflix series was advertised with   using fake cloning capsules on   bus stops

On   bus stops in Los Angeles, there were " synthetic " people in   polyethylene. AT   the release of the series " Modified Carbon " Netflix came up with the strangest advertising in the   history of bus stops. On   place of the most ordinary billboard service has placed a bag with   polyethylene, inside of which there is a synthetic man. Due to the fact that the " synthetic " was moving and   even " breathing " , passers-by decided that there is a real person inside the film. we   Only we can envy passers-by   - no one   decided to poke cellophane to check the guy. Alive   whether he   there is no   froze   Do they? AND   how much do they pay for   such work as an animator?

Harold does not   sterile

Remember old Harold with   photobanks, who smiles through pain? After a couple of years, as a meme with   Harold lost in   relevance, it   starred in   music video of the Hungarian group Cloud 9+. By   Harold does what he does best   - Smiles through the pain, trying to survive in   The office is under the tyrannical control of a female superior . now we   Finally we know what will happen when Harold does not   endures.