Microsoft Office 2019 will only work on Windows 10

Almost half of the users,   which are older versions of Windows, or not   will receive a new Office 2019 package, or they will be forced to switch to   The " ten " .

Microsoft Office 2019 will only work on Windows 10

In   the second half of this year, the world will see a fresh version of the corporate office suite Microsoft   - Office 2019. But   The updated application package will be   Everyone: Office 2019 will only work on   Windows 10.

Who does not   will receive and   why

Users who do not   with Office 365, will be able to run Office 2019 only on   Windows 10. That   there are obsolete assemblies in   particular " non-killable " Windows 7, not   compatible with   new " office " . A   this is more than half of Windows users: by   The latest data of the analytical company StatCounter, " ten " is installed on   42.78% of computers, while   share of the " seven " accounted for 41.86%. 8.72% of computers are running Windows 8.1, 3.36%   - Windows XP, 2.44%   - Windows 8, and   0.74%   - Windows Vista.

AT   Microsoft explains this decision with security. " Software, whose age is more than ten years and   which is not   benefits from   innovations, it is difficult to protect against   threats and   by   its essence is less productive. By   As the pace of change accelerates, it becomes necessary to make our software   more relevant to the modern rhythm of updates "   - explained in   company.

What's new

AT   Office 2019 will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint and   Skype for Business. Tell about   updates to   Microsoft promises to   the coming months, but   already now it is known that in   Excel will have new formulas and   diagrams for data analysis, and   PowerPoint will learn the animations of the zoom and   morphing, as in   Office 365.


Support for Office 2019 will be halved   - up to   5 years, after which two years of extended support will follow.
AT   companies also recalled that in   In 2020, Microsoft will stop expanding support for Windows 7 and   Office 2010.

Source: Microsoft