AirPods users complain of severe headaches

By: Igor Nikitin | 05.02.2018, 12:30
AirPods users complain of severe headaches

Among the latest Apple products, the least criticism was caught by AirPods, but, apparently, the time has come. Users of the Apple forum massively report headaches from using the company's wireless headphones.

What is known

Initially, only a couple of people reported about this problem, but soon 189 users signed under these words. They all experience the same symptoms when using AirPods - headache and pressure in the temples. Users are sure that the problem is in the headphones. Some even note that they experience similar symptoms when they bring the iPhone to the head during a conversation.

"I do not experience these problems when I use wired headphones, but I feel it when I bring the iPhone to my head while I'm talking. Usually, I use wired headphones and keep the phone away from my head. I also experience similar feelings when using Bluetooth headphones, but never as intensively as with AirPods, "wrote the forum user.

What experts say

Apple does not comment on this, but a similar problem was anticipated in 2016.

Dr. Joel Moskovitz of the University of California, Berkeley said that the headphones transmit weak radio waves. According to him, it's like "shove a microwave into your ears." Moskowitz also said that more than 200 scientists disagree with the recommended minimum frequency of electromagnetic waves, which the Federal Communications Commission approved.