Intel showed smart Vaunt glasses, which project a picture on the retina of the eye

By: Eugene Sherban | 06.02.2018, 09:29
Intel showed smart Vaunt glasses, which project a picture on the retina of the eye

Hardly in   network information on   that Intel is developing smart points, like browsers from   The Verge has already tested them   at   business. Judging by   first impressions, in   Intel went from   reverse and   did Google Glass vice versa.

Laser Projector

Google Glass tried to jump over several stages of evolution and   become glasses from   fiction films that will be introduced to   lens information about   around the world, work as an interpreter and, of course   To show more advertising. Intel Vaunt with   using low-power and   laser-friendly projected picture directly onto the   the retina. And, the picture is the most primitive   - monochrome text or icons with   notifications from   smartphone.

How it works

On   paper it looks much less interesting, but   on   business like how it works. AT   Intel argue that by projecting to   retina, the picture is equally clearly seen by people with   poor eyesight. AT   The Verge confirms the operability of the system   - the picture is clearly visible in   lower left corner, but   If you   stop looking there, then   nothing is   you will see. At the same time, the eyes notice when something new appears: just a new message from   not   you will miss. The   there are no glasses   distracted from   Everyday life.


What else interesting?

Vaunt   Is a minimalistic tool for solving specific problems (albeit in   Intel does not   decided which ones). Therefore, in   they do not have a video camera, headphones, gamepad or built-in miner. FROM   this is the most ordinary glasses with   flexible arms that fit comfortably on the   head. Points are managed by an application for iOS or Android that supports communication with   device by   Bluetooth. Points work up to   18 hours from   one charge. For comparison, the prototype of Google Glass did not   more than 4 hours.


Vaunt   Is a prototype and   about   output to   mass market speech is not yet   goes. Plus in   companies before   end is not   decided on   target audience. Therefore, before   end of the year Intel will send prototypes to Vaunt developers to get feedback, ideas and, possibly, software for them.

Source: The Verge