Apple became the leader in the tablet market in 2017

By: Igor Nikitin | 06.02.2018, 13:47
Apple became the leader in the tablet market in 2017

Apple was the first computer tablet sales in 2017, overtaking Samsung and Amazon.

What is known

According to IDC , Apple sold 43.8 million iPads, which is 1 million more than last year. The closest competitor of the company - Samsung did not even get close to Apple. The Korean manufacturer sold 24.9 million tablets, which is 2 million less than in 2016. Amazon and 16.7 million devices sold by the company are on the third place. It is noteworthy that the company showed excellent growth, selling for 4 million tablets more than in 2016.

The top three took 56.6% of the Tablet PC market. Apple owns 26.8%, Samsung - 15.2%, and Amazon has gambled 10.2% of the market.

It is noteworthy that analysts predicted Apple stagnant sales in the tablet market. In turn, the company reported for sales in 2017, showing excellent results. Over the past year, Apple earned on tablets $ 5.8 billion, and this is only for the last quarter of 2017.