Microsoft tests the "no-password" Windows 10 S

By: Bohdan Chub | 08.02.2018, 19:38
Microsoft tests the "no-password" Windows 10 S

The new build of Windows 10 Insider Preview under the number 17093 brought surprisingly many changes. One of them promises to completely eliminate the users of Windows 10 S from the need to enter a password in the system.

How it works?


To log on to Windows 10, you can use the PIN or biometric verification of Windows Hello, but to activate these functions, you must also enter the password for the Microsoft account. Instead, insiders can install the Microsoft Authenticator application on the smartphone and use it to verify the identity at the system setup stage. If the device uses face identification or a fingerprint of Windows Hello, the password screen will disappear altogether from the lock screen:


The function is available only in the stripped down Windows 10 S, but since this OS version will soon be replaced with the new S-mode , we are waiting for support in other editions of Windows 10. The application Microsoft Authenticator for Android and iOS works with other services of the company.

What else?


In the previous build of Insider Preview, developers added a menu for viewing telemetry, which the system sends to Microsoft, but who is interested in understanding the lines of code? Now in the Diagnostic Data Viewer there is a button for deleting data in one click.

The "Windows Defender" settings section was renamed to "Windows Security", the appearance of the page changed slightly. Windows 10 got HDR-video support, and in a special menu you can choose which video adapter should use those or other applications (for systems with discrete and integrated graphics).


The view control function became even better, and in the game mode the panel design was updated to quickly access the main functions. Windows 10 will also search for Bluetooth devices nearby and will allow you to connect to them with a simple click of a button (as long as this only works with the Surface Precision Mouse branded mouse).

The release version of the Redstone 4 update (Spring Creators Update) is expected in March 2018.

Source: Microsoft