The best comic series is "Happy", the story of a cop-zabuldygy and an imaginary unicorn

By: Eugene Sherban | 11.02.2018, 00:00
The best comic series is "Happy", the story of a cop-zabuldygy and an imaginary unicorn

The life of Nick Saks is an unceasing whirl in the toilet, which does not wash off. Once Nick left his family, and now he's going to   christmas in   bar, sucking the horse's urine from the   plastic cup. Once Nick   was a legendary superhero cop , and   now became a quick killer. AND   that's when the swill slowly flows down into   stomach, and the head climbs thoughts to finish with   this and   put a bullet in   head on   horizon appears flying violet unicorn by   named Happy. is he   asks Nick to help save from   the kidnapper of his only friend, the little girl Haley. Which, in combination, is the daughter of the protagonist, whom he never saw.

That's it, the bottom of the name Nick Saks   - Vices, murders, cheap alcohol, and   now also   problems with   head. But   you know what? Perhaps, this is the most reckless and   extravagant bottom in   history of mankind. Yes, there is a place for Gorky's reflection, but   It is more likely to dilute trash and   fumes. The series is not at all   about sadness. is he   about friendship. Let and   from   a fictional unicorn. is he   about family and   Christmas. AND   about crowds of assholes, which need to be weeded out on   ways to   reunification with   family. AND   all this game looks as if Quentin Tarantino was given a Christmas sequel " Who Framed Roger Rabbit " .

" Happy "   - this is an excellent badi-moivi


Union superhero-zabuldygy and   a fictional unicorn   Is one of the   the brightest and most   memorable duets in   history of cinema. The partners are chosen to perfectly shade each other. This drunk former cop (and   A little superhero) with   doubtful moral values. AND   my dearest flying unicorn, who, though   looks at   the world through the eyes of a child (than Sachs constantly gets), but   ready for   great deeds for the sake of   friends.

By   all the laws of drama, good characters must develop. Through the complexity of overcoming yourself and   through suffering to go to   a new level of development. Without this, they will be boring, like two cacti on   window sill. AND   from   this in   " Happy " full order. Naive Horse and   rough as a brick the former cop nick go from   stage " what the hell are we   we sit in   one boat " and   constant wrangling, until   willingness to put your back behind   comrade. Although, Sachs before   The latter pretends not to endure   can be happy and   always with   he argues, he   all   same crosses over himself and   tries not to be   such an asshole.

If you consider that the bothersome unicorn is played by Patton Oswald (this is American, American Growth), to understand Sachs' feelings is not at all   complicated. AND   all these disputes, mutual podkoly and   curiosities were   would be a completely banal story about two friends, if   would not   one but. Happy no   sees no one except Nick. AND   This is a bottomless well for jokes about   schizophrenia and   funny situations.

Imagine how unseen for all Happy helps Saks to win in   poker money (and   a bonus hill of cocaine)   bad guys. A   Here the unicorn acts as an interpreter between Nick and   waitress in   Chinese restaurant. A   here he is   first time in   house "where women rub against   pole " , after which Nick tries to explain to the naive animal the essence of a striptease base . The situation adds color to the fact that Sachs himself is at first sure that he came down with   mind.

TO   the   Saxon. Christopher Meloni, who plays Nick, walks confidently   the path of David Harbor, the sheriff of   " Very strange cases. " It's such   same old-school brutal man, whom no one used to   knew, but   now I want to see him in   every second militant.

This is a frivolous and hilarious trash in   the best traditions of Tarantino, Rodriguez and   Ritchie


AT   Each series has at least one (and   more often 2 - 3, and   then   and   4) peak moment, when the situation reaches   absurdity, and   at   the director is lit by a spark of genius. Here are just some of the   them:

  • Meeting of the support group of abandoned fictitious friends, whose owners grew up
  • The fight with   ninjas on   axes for a Christmas song in   performance of Frank Sinatra.
  • Sax's reflections on   abandoned family represented in   the talk show " let them talk " . FROM   clarification of relations and   torn off hair.
  • The death of the character is arranged in   An old-fashioned synthpop clip.
  • The torture of one fictional character by another. When a unicorn with   knife threatens knitted glove   - this is sur-   itself. But   When it is furnished as a reference to   famous scene of torturing a cop from   " Mad Dogs "   - it's pure delight.
  • Sachs, leaves from   ambush, tying to   his back and   belly of two hostages
  • Mafia boss sister participates in   reality show in   spirit of " Secular lionesses from   Jersey. " The whole series for   she is dragged by a film crew that turns   absurdity of any dramatic scene.

Describe the style of the film is quite difficult. AT   the plot is all mixed up   - kidnapping of children, maniac-santa , Italian mafia, disassembly with   yakuza and   a lot of mysticism that is still unclear. AND   it's like riding a   a roller coaster, where a yawn is accepted a priori. But   if suddenly wanted, then   From around the corner, the script writer jumps out and   Lupit dusty bag. The game must continue! For comparison, the " Preacher "   not   less crazy comic book, skidding already on   third series. Happy   the same boldly   bumps   releasing a cigarette from   teeth.

This is an excellent family movie


A   that's the time to be surprised. Yes, "Happy"   - this is a good family film. is he   is imbued with the spirit of Christmas, and   The whole story revolves around father's reunion with   abandoned by him   family. AND   about   friend he   acquires   ways. Throw out of   mafia, Santo-oligophrenia , mysterious " sunbeam " and   get that   whether a family drama, then   whether the family comedy about   Christmas miracles, which sometimes happen.

At the same time, " Happy " is far from being   is ideal and   not   is devoid of shortcomings. For example, an open ending, leaves a lot of questions, than strongly annoying. For example, what happened to   Mikey? From   what was the password for   which all chased? How is   Zhukov? Although, the logic of the creators is clear   - after the success of the first series, " Happy " immediately   also extended by   second season, so cut the ropes in both   The original comic strip was   would be foolish. It is clear and   what viewers do   wanted additives.

It is not clear what is different. How " Happy " even got to   screens and   took off? This is a completely adventurous project, which was to die for another   approval stage. is he   written on   little known black comic book from   slightly prickiblenny Scotsman Grant Morrison, who in   " Happy " as if rested from   " Batman " and   " Fantastic Four " , which he   long wrote. He was shot by the director of " Adrenaline " , which after this very " Adrenaline " is not   took absolutely nothing good. A   Christopher Meloni, who used to star in   mostly in   second-rate series, believed so much in   project that invested in   him a little personal funds and   made a co-producer. AND   anneals it   on   all nested before   the last penny.

All this booth has   The SyFy channel, which specializes mainly in   mid-budget fiction series and   sometimes he runs into   teenage fantasy. Such adventures almost always fail. But   if not, then   we   we get something extremely original. So if you   love good jokes, chernukha, bright style, " action " and   history that does not   unravel in the middle of the season, then   give the " Happy " chance. AND   not   pay attention that he is not in   the ratings of the expected series of 2018. is he   there will be. But   already in   ranking the best TV series of the year.