Wall Street Journal: China is torn into the market leaders of electric vehicles

By: Eugene Sherban | 15.02.2018, 12:39
Wall Street Journal: China is torn into the market leaders of electric vehicles

It seems that the phrase bad Chinese car will soon lose relevance. The Wall Street Journal writes about   that China is gradually gaining control over the entire production chain of electric vehicles and   will soon become a world leader in   production of electric vehicles. A   at   perspective and   of the entire automotive market.

How did it happen

AT   Unlike   conservative men from   General Motors, the Chinese authorities quickly realized, for   electromotive. AND   began to invest gigantic money in   development of the industry. Due to this, in   China is now one of the   most developed chains for   production of electric cars   - from   design and   assembly of housings, up to   production of batteries and   development of software. China does not   only Cobalt is enough. AND   road to   brought to   Congo.

And here Congo

Cobalt is one of the   important elements in   production of lithium-ion batteries. Half of the world's reserves of this metal are in   Congo. AND   with the support of the Chinese government in   Congo appears more and more Chinese firms-miners , due to which the Celestial already produces 77% of the   total recycled from   cobalt raw materials. Although, as a monopolist in   production of cobalt remains the Swiss company Glencore. Thanks to this, the Chinese authorities were able to form a cobalt reserve, which was enough for the whole world   on the   15 days to secure your electric vehicle market from   pressure competitors.

Source: WSJ