Telegram X disappeared from the Google Play store

By: Pavel Chuikin | 14.02.2018, 09:06
Telegram X disappeared from the Google Play store

At the beginning of the month, the Telegram X client disappeared from the App Store . According to official data, this was allegedly due to the spread of child pornography and. Now the new version of the popular messenger has disappeared from Google Play.

What happened

In the evening of February 13, users who wanted to download an alternative official version of Telegram called Telegram X could not do this. The application simply was not available in the Google online store. The main version is not touched and if you want you can download it. At the time of writing, the program's news is still missing and no one, neither the Telegram representatives nor the Google employees, gave an official explanation of the removal of the Telegram X from the Google Play store.

Possible reasons

As an option, Google could remove the application because of the same as Apple, that is, child pornography. Another option involves accidentally deleting an alternative client. The third reason may be some weighty reason, which is still unknown.

Source: Google Play