Analysts of JPMorgan predicted a drop in the price of bitcoin

By: Eugene Sherban | 14.02.2018, 11:01
Analysts of JPMorgan predicted a drop in the price of bitcoin

Analysts of one of the   of the world's largest investment banks JP   Morgan conducted a technical analysis of the bitcoin course and   made several forecasts about   future prices for   crypto currency.

What forecast

By   According to analysts, the rate will depend on the   course. Sorry for   tautology. In other words, if bitcoin can overcome the psychological threshold in   $ 10   000 s   tail, then   this will be a signal of stability for investors. In this scenario, there is a high probability of   growth rate to   $ 14 - 16 thousand. However, an uncertain attitude towards   crypto-currencies with   The authorities continue to embarrass investors, so the more likely scenario for JP analytics   Morgan sees a further drop in bitcoin before   marks in   4500   - 4600   dollars.

What is there with   bitcoin

After a dizzying takeoff to   mark in   $ 20   000 per   bitcoin, the most popular crypto currency shakes. AND   if before the exchange fluctuated in   both sides on   plus or minus one thousand, then   at   February he   sank to   record $ 6   073. At   the moment of writing a note he   is $ 8   841. In   crypto-investors blame the Chinese authorities and   Facebook. The first continue to tighten the nuts of crypto-exchanges, the second banned the advertising of crypto-currency and   block in   largest in   world of social networks.

Source: Business Insider