Pad & Quill protect your furniture from HomePod

By: Igor Nikitin | 16.02.2018, 09:48
Pad & Quill protect your furniture from HomePod

A few days ago in the "Internet" there was information that HomePod spoils the wooden furniture. Users complained that the rubber rim of the "smart column" leaves marks on the wood.

Apple explained that this is a normal reaction between the rubber and the oil that the tree is treated with. The company, in order to avoid scandal, has published a guide for the care of HomePod. It is recommended not to put a column on a wooden surface. At the same time, users began joking about additional accessories for HomePod, which would solve this problem.

What was shown

The company Pad & Quill , which creates accessories for Apple products, has announced a protective stand for furniture. Call me a conspiracy, but in Cupertino in advance prepared for the complaints of users. Even the description of the stand indicates this: "The only rings that you should see in your house this season - Olympic on TV."

Question price

The stand is made of American granular leather, and the size is four inches. On sale it is not, but pre-order is already available for $ 20. Interestingly, Amazon sell an aluminum stand for $ 40, which will protect the wooden furniture from HomePod, and the very "smart column" from the fall.