Microsoft will "cut" Windows 10 for ARM-processors

By: Igor Nikitin | 19.02.2018, 13:49
Microsoft will "cut" Windows 10 for ARM-processors

Microsoft announced a new line of Windows-based notebooks built on the ARM architecture. The main advantage - a long battery life and compactness. The first such device will receive the form factor of the laptop, which with a slight movement of the hand turns into a tablet.

What is known

Since the ARM architecture is less productive, Windows devices will be slightly truncated. Microsoft does not say anything about it, but last week the company accidentally published a full list of restrictions.

From an interesting

Support only ARM64 compatible drivers. Windows 10 on ARM runs an application for the x86 architecture, but can not use its driver. At the same time there is no support for applications on x64.

Windows 10 on ARM will not be able to run games and applications with OpenGL below iteration 1.1. The manufacturer notes that applications written for Windows Phone may not work correctly on ARM compatible devices. Also there is no support for Windows Hypervisor Platform.

The platform is not for everyone

Such a system is unlikely to suit professional users, but a broad audience will appreciate the long time of work, even with the functionality cut down.