"Electronic skin" is a health monitor that is always with you

By: Bohdan Chub | 19.02.2018, 18:38
"Electronic skin" is a health monitor that is always with you

Scientists at the University of Tokyo in conjunction with the company Dai Nippon Printing presented a "smart skin" that not only monitors vital indicators, but also displays data on a person's status in real time.

What it is?

The development is a film with sensors and LED matrix 16x24 for displaying simple graphics. Due to the use of elastic conductors, the display can be stretched by 45% of the original dimensions. Inside can also be printed antennas to transmit health information to the cloud or to the user's smartphone.


Sensors measure temperature, pressure and record muscle activity. The new version also has the possibility of removing an electrocardiogram, which is immediately displayed on the display. The device can be fixed on the body and worn for a week without skin irritations. It is interesting how specialists will solve the issue of the source of nutrition - for now, not a word about it.

What's next?

Dai Nippon Printing expects to release a commercial version of the "electronic skin" in the next three years, when the technology is brought to mind. Last year we wrote about a similar project of researchers from the US and Korea, but there was no built-in display.

Source: EurekAlert