Apple - the most innovative company of the year

By: Eugene Sherban | 21.02.2018, 09:55
Apple - the most innovative company of the year

Experts from   Fast Company rolled out the annual rating of the world's most innovative companies. AND   at   on   The first place is located Apple, which   words themselves   experts   produced nothing innovative with   times of the first iPad.

Behind   what was given the prize

By   of the aggregate. Neither   one Apple product does not   pulls on   innovation, but   if you add them together   together, then   the amount is quite decent   - Face Recognition System Face ID   (Yes   and   the new iPhone X itself), the ARKiT Augmented Reality platform, the new Apple Watch 3. Plus   never   Innovative AirPods, Apple Music and   Apple TV, which the experts slept, apparently for a greater importance. Apple's award and   is called   - for   delivery of the future today.

Who else in the   ranking

Top 10 innovative companies by   version of the Fast Company looks like this.
CVS Health
The Washington Post

So why Apple

By judging the most innovative, in   Fast Company put themselves up a bit. Modern IT giants with   cool refer to   innovation, because it is always a risk. A   among businessmen there are very few romantics like Ilona Mask. According to a study by the University of Duke, with   In 1980, large US corporations virtually   scientific research. As Astro Teller of   the Google X lab, the country's economy, which has always been a technology leader, relies on   achievements almost 50-year-old . AT   As a result, the supercomputer was created in   China, the colonization of Mars is handled by a private company, and   recent breakthrough in   combating   cancer became possible only because of the   1971 to the " War of the Raku " .

Source: Fast Company