Microsoft prepares new HoloLens glasses with cloud AI

By: Bohdan Chub | 21.02.2018, 22:26
Microsoft prepares new HoloLens glasses with cloud AI

Perhaps we will not have to wait for the next year to see the next generation of HoloLens holographic glasses. One of the creators of the gadget, Alex Kipman, mentioned a new model, talking about the main trends in the development of mixed-reality technology in 2018.

What did they tell?

The inventor recalled that Microsoft last summer announced the development of a new holographic processor HPU with an additional chip, responsible for artificial intelligence. This will speed up the work of the algorithms of machine learning and allow you to autonomously analyze everything that the user sees and hears. At the same time, the company is going to use cloud AI to teach HoloLens to understand the physical world and expand the boundaries of mixed reality.

This has its own logic - cloud services provide access to virtually unlimited computing resources. The built-in processor always has its own limit of capabilities, and not the most powerful chips are used in portable devices (but they do not "land" the battery in zero for 10 minutes, even if it's very fast).

Intel back in October, stopped deliveries of Atom x5-Z8100P processors for the first model of glasses. After the exhaustion of the stock, Microsoft will have to think about updating the filling.

Alex Kipman did not specify the exact terms for the release of Microsoft HoloLens of the new generation.

Source: Alex Kipman