SnapChat users complain about the redesign of the application

By: Anton Melnik | 24.02.2018, 07:21
SnapChat users complain about the redesign of the application

The petition to, calling on the company to return the old design of the application, has already gained more than 1.2 million signatures, but the developers insist on their own.

What happened?

Recall that not so long ago, in the popular messenger, there was a major redesign, designed to simplify the interface of the program. As it turned out, not all users are happy with the innovations, and the negative reviews of some celebrities completely ruined the value of Snap Inc. shares. for 1.5 billion dollars, which is 7%. And this for two days!


Nevertheless, the developers of SnapChat still do not intend to back down and assure that the new design, although it has some flaws, is nevertheless more convenient and easier to learn than the old version, they say, it's just necessary to get used to it. After the close of the stock Snapchat shares returned to the price of $ 17, by which they were sold when the company was placed on the stock market. The main competitor of the instant messenger Snap Inc. now is Instagram, which has already moved a lot of celebrities.

Recall that the system of publications was subjected to change, as well as the order of posting of "Histories", now priority is given to the most interesting posts of friends.

Source: TheVerge , Bloomberg