Microsoft developed a VR-cane for the blind

By: Anton Melnik | 24.02.2018, 08:19
Microsoft developed a VR-cane for the blind

Microsoft engineers adapted virtual reality for the blind and visually impaired.

Learning effect

The VR system, called the Canetroller, consists of the following components: the walking stick, belt, tracker and HTC Vive's VR helmet. According to the developers, the invention will help people with poor eyesight to train in an unfamiliar space without risk to health. When you touch different objects of virtual reality, the cane creates vibrations and sounds corresponding to the collision object, for example, a tree or curb. After the cane touches the virtual object, the brake mechanism is activated, which is equipped with a system that makes it clear that there is no further passage.

Although Canetroller is still being tested, it already shows good results. Eight out of ten participants were able to navigate without any problems in virtual reality after ten minutes of using the gadget and this despite problems with simulating the sound of a blow against the wall, which is likely to be eliminated soon.

Source: TNW , Hi-News