Mail.Ru and Epic Games have teamed up for the developers of games

By: Igor Nikitin | 26.02.2018, 13:41
Mail.Ru and Epic Games have teamed up for the developers of games

The game division Mail.Ru has entered into an agreement with Epic Games for technical support of projects.

What is known

It's not the first time that Epic Games gives the go-ahead for using its own Unreal Engine 4 by third-party companies. Mail.Ru Games Ventures will receive UE4 for creating games under the PC, consoles, mobile platforms, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

Epic Games will also help in the selection of studios for the development of games MRGV. Each team will be able to apply for funding from Mail.Ru. Selection will be held on a competitive basis under the supervision of the company's investment committee.

"We are proud to have become a companion of Epic Games in creating a global environment that allows game developers to excel in a rapidly changing and competitive industry," said Ilya Karpinsky, director of Mail.Ru Games Ventures.

Than it threatens

For young developers, this is a chance to enlist the support of a large publisher. Old-timers in the person of Epic Games will select good projects, which will reduce the percentage of "prohodnyakov."

At the same time, Mail.Ru has already become famous for its "smart" Warface, Cross Fire and other shareware projects. There is a chance that MRGV will borrow the business model from Electronic Arts, and we are waiting for more "game-services".

Do not forget about the strained relationship Bluehol and Epic Games, which quarreled in late 2017. Let me remind you that Mail.Ru undertook the distribution of PUBG in its own brand store. Epic Games knew what was going on, but Bluehol may soon express its outrage.