Harley Davidson will make electric motor cycles

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.03.2018, 09:54
Harley Davidson will make electric motor cycles

One of the   The most conservative US companies Harley-Davidson outlined a new plan for   the next decade, in   which will be given an important place by electric motorcycles.

What happened

Harley-Davidson bought a stake in the manufacturer of electric motorcycles Alta Motors. Judging by   comments, it will not   absorption, and   full partnership. AT   For 10 years, Harley-Davidson will finance Alta's research department, and   at   answer will receive both separate technologies and   whole models of motorcycles.

Why Harley Davidson Electric Bikes

New times, new ways, everything is simple. AT   Last year, the company's financial indicators were the lowest for   The last 10 years, because people are   The whole world began to choose compact and   inexpensive electric bikes instead of expensive and   hunting until   fuel classics. Therefore, the management of Harley Davidson decided not to   play   conservatives and   announced a new course for   the next 10 years. A   electric bikes are   its important place.

When the first electric HD comes out

Sales of the Harley-Davidson electromotor cycle can begin as early as   2019 year. True, according to   they will not be called informal information.   HD, and   Revelation to share the target audience.

Source: Harley-Davidson