Xiaomi introduced USB charging for 6 ports for $ 20

By: Bohdan Chub | 05.03.2018, 21:28
Xiaomi introduced USB charging for 6 ports for $ 20

Following the new smart outlet Xiaomi introduced a charger with six ports for charging different gadgets at the same time. An indispensable thing for traveling!

What it is?

We have a multi-port charge with a maximum output power of 60 watts. It will work in any country, as it is designed for networks with a voltage of 100 V to 240 V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The left symmetrical USB Type-C connector supports the standards of Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. Behind it, the orange full-size USB is also compatible with QC 3.0 technology, both ports have a fast charging capacity of up to 18 watts.

The remaining 24 watts of power fall on four USB-A ports (the maximum current on one is 2.4 A). There is protection against static electricity, of course, other safety standards were also observed. Under the logo on the front panel there is a LED indicator of the device.

The price does not bite


Sales of the charger will begin on March 7, in the Chinese market it can be bought for 129 yuan, which is equivalent to $ 20.3. A similar 60-watt model, but found on Anker's 5 ports, it costs twice as much - $ 50 , but more (up to 30 watts per USB Type-C, the device can be used as a power source for modern MacBooks).

Source: Xiaomi