Samsung showed emotional assistant-hologram Aurora

By: Bohdan Chub | 06.03.2018, 21:01
Samsung showed emotional assistant-hologram Aurora

Samsung has announced three projects of its Lab Creative Lab (C-Lab), which in one way or another are related to artificial intelligence. The latest developments of the company's employees will be presented at the SXSW 2018 festival, which starts on March 11.

What do we have here?

Perhaps the most unusual C-Lab project is the Aurora application for visualization of the voice assistant. To earn magic, the user just insert the smartphone into a special docking station with wireless charging. When a picture is reflected from the display, the "pseudo-hologram" of the assistant is obtained. With the avatar you can not talk, and with the help of the phone camera the system recognizes gestures. All this reminds one Japanese virtual girl-friend.

Platform Gadget allows you to abandon annoying advertising banners in mobile games. The authors propose to switch to the technology of product placement, placing advertising directly in the game world. This will take into account the interests and preferences of a particular player ("smart" targeting).

Finally, using the Toonsquare application, users can publish their comics with funny characters (selected from a collection or created from a photo). When a user enters text, artificial intelligence analyzes the application and selects the appropriate emotion from the history hero. On the main screen there is a tape with updates of friends. In fact, this is a social network, albeit very strange.

Source: Samsung