Motorola is likely to abandon the new generation of Moto X5

According to the American resource Android Police, Motorola will abandon the idea to release a successor to the Moto X4

Motorola is likely to abandon the new generation of Moto X5

Information about the Moto X5 appeared on the network in January. But it seems that the smartphone, most likely, will not be presented.

What is known

A source familiar with Motorola's plans told the US-based Android Police that the company would abandon the idea of ​​releasing a successor to the Moto X4. He also said that the manufacturer will focus on the Moto E, G and Z lines. Perhaps in the future Moto X will return, but now it is unlikely. In addition to this, Motorola will stop producing unusual Moto Mods. So, most likely, there will no longer be any modules like Moto GamePad, Vital Moto Mod , etc. Instead, all efforts will be directed to simpler and more profitable products. Probably, we are talking about additional batteries and various design solutions.

In the dry residue

All these changes in production mean that Lenovo is going to minimize risks and focus on products that are beneficial to it. Let's hope that these decisions will positively affect the company and it will make its business of smartphones more profitable.

Source: AndroidPolice