Intel is considering to buy Broadcom

By: Elena Shcherban | 10.03.2018, 17:23
Intel is considering to buy Broadcom

Behind   The upcoming merger between Qualcomm and Broadcom is not   only journalists and   partners, but   and   competitors, in   including   Intel. A deal that could become the largest in   history, puts other companies under attack. AND   Now rumors have begun that Intel is considering buying Broadcom.

What is it for?

Despite   The fact that Intel is no longer   produces SoC for smartphones, it   still produces other components for the devices. Sources of the Wall Street Journal claim that Intel is considering different options for eliminating the threat in the   the appearance of a new company, and   buy Broadcom   - one of the   them. The merger allowed   would the company strengthen its position in the   outside the processor market.

also in   As a possible scenario, the acquisition of other, smaller companies is considered to remain competitive.

So far neither   at   Intel, neither   at   Broadcom did not   comment on this information.

Let's remind, Broadcom already long time tries to " absorb " Qualcomm, however that   each time rejects the proposed amount. Recently there was information that in   Qualcomm still agree on the   deal, but   ask not   less than $ 160   billion , which is   $ 43   billion more than the last proposed amount.

AT   If successful, Broadcom will   three of the largest chip manufacturers   Intel and   Samsung.

Source: Wall Street Journal