Fly Elephant: the first flying 3D printer

By: Eugene Sherban | 12.03.2018, 11:16
Fly Elephant: the first flying 3D printer

Chinese manufacturer of 3D printers DediBot on   exhibition TCT Asia surprised those gathered with the prototype of the flying 3D printer Fly Elephant.

How it works

Fly Elephant   - this is quite common with   mind drone with   with six rotors,   the base of which is fixed an extruder for feeding the printed material. It can be plastic, concrete or   other building materials for 3D printing. By   statement of the creators, he does   it's clever enough, allowing you to type with   accuracy in   0.1   millimeter.

Why do I need a flying printer at all?

The authors of the project are sure that Fly Elephant will become indispensable in the construction of complex objects. Thanks to the software, several print drones can be combined into   building brigades, after which a whole swarm of flying printers will be able to work on one and   the   same object, using different materials. The   there is no   replacement with an industrial printer, and   addition. While the first will build skeletons of buildings, Fly Elephant will be able to work on smaller details in   hard-to-reach places.

Developers   drones also talk about   interesting perspective print in   In outer space or under water, but   for this they   it will be necessary to solve many problems, such as a weak autonomy of the system.

Source: New Atlas