Spotify tests voice control. It would seem, what's with a smart column?

By: Bohdan Chub | 15.03.2018, 14:53
Spotify tests voice control. It would seem, what's with a smart column?

In the application of the music service Spotify appeared the function of voice search. It was added shortly after the rumors about developing a proprietary "smart" service column, and, perhaps, it's not just a coincidence.

How it works?

Representatives of Spotify confirmed the testing of voice control, but called it just an experiment. The function itself is accessible to a small circle of people and works only with English. When you go to the search tab in the lower right corner of the window, a button with a microphone is displayed, by clicking on it, Spotify starts listening to the user.

The system understands simple queries, for example, in an application you can find the desired song, album or artist. Conversation on abstract topics will not work, we can not find information about artists from the same Wikipedia Spotify. Last year, the service also tested the voice control for the "in the car" mode, but the business did not go further.

Two scenarios

Perhaps this is just another function of the application that will allow you to switch tracks if the user has his hands on or the smartphone lies at the other end of the room. And since Siri does not support integration with Spotify, on iPhone voice search will be very handy.

The second version of the development of events - the music service prepares the basis for a line of smart speakers. Apparently, Spotify does not want to depend on third-party solutions, whether it's Google Assistant, Alexa or Cortana, and therefore is developing its own voice recognition system. True, it will not be easy to create an alternative to popular virtual assistants. Samsung will confirm.

The hardware business can help Spotify reach a profit, as the company continues to lose money now. Music services are not the most profitable occupation, as most of the income goes to the rightholders. It's one thing when Apple, Google or Amazon try to tie users to their ecosystem, and quite another - if it's your main and only product.

Last month Spotify applied for an "unconventional" IPO. The service decided to enter the stock exchange without issuing additional shares, as other companies usually do in order to attract investments.

Today, Spotify has more than 159 million users, of which 71 million are paid subscribers. For comparison, Apple Music enjoys 38 million people.

Source: TechCrunch