Bubble Money - new entertainment for Japanese lumpen

By: technoslav | 30.01.2008, 15:07

It seems that the Japanese literally understood the meaning of the Russian saying "to bathe in money" and released a special set for taking baths in the form of packs of money. <! - break -> Bandai, known to gg, not only thanks to the invention (or rather the purchase of rights from the author of the idea) gadget-overgrown with the name "Tamagotchi" distinguished itself. The full name of the novelty (we will quote only the English version solely because of the fact that our readers do not know Japanese) "Babuli-Bubble Bath". In a free translation into Russian, this should sound like "foam foam for the bath". Pieces of soap, made in the form of banknotes of the national bank of Japan, gradually dissolve in the water and realize dreams of swimming in the money of those who can not afford such inoffensive entertainment in reality. bath2.jpg