Twitter will also prohibit advertising crypto currency

By: Eugene Sherban | 19.03.2018, 11:42
Twitter will also prohibit advertising crypto currency

After   Google and   Facebook social network Twitter will also prohibit advertising crypto and   total   them.

Rumors about   This appeared a couple of weeks ago, when the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey began to   posts with   advertising the ICO scum on   that Jack answered dryly " We   we are working on this " . AND   now Sky News with   reference to   sources within the social network argue that in   next 2 weeks Twitter will start banning   all over the world advertising ICO, tokens and   crypto-currency.

Why Facebook and   Google banned the crypt

AT   end of January social network Facebook banned advertising crypts . The company fears that   wave of popularity bitcoin will increase fraud, and   this contradicts the main principle of social networks in   advertising   - advertising must be reliable. A   If you   advertise ICO with their depressing survival statistics, then about any   reliability is not   maybe   speech. By the way, the ban was not   only Facebook, but   and   a subsidiary of Instagram.

After a month and a half such a ban was introduced by Google . As the Director for   advertising Google Scott Spencer: " U   We do not have a crystal ball to know what the future is for crypto currencies, but   we   already now we can observe enough harm for our clients » . Change will enter into   force in   June and   will affect the entire set of Google's advertising applications   - this means that you   not   You will see advertising for   all sites working with   with Google ads.

Source: Fortune