Witcher will return to computer screens this year

By: Eugene Sherban | 19.03.2018, 12:41
Witcher will return to computer screens this year

"The Witcher 3 " became an opus magnum of the once unknown Polish studio CD   Projekt RED. Honed to   shine adventure hunter on   Monsters Geralt sold great, loved by absolutely everyone and   entered into   the top best games of the decade. After that,   Poles tired of questions when the Witcher returned, boys? AND   suddenly   himself   twitter the studio announced the return of Geralt to   large screens.

But   is not   The Witcher 4

Given that the Poles are working on " Cyberpunk 2077 " , in   the announcement of "The Witcher 4 " was believed only by the most stubborn fans. AND   in vain. As it turned out, Geralt will become one of the   game characters of the fighting game " SoulCalibur 6 " . The thing is   that the developers of   Namco Bandai recorded phytas, up to   the way rappers started to do it. Therefore, in   Each series of the game were invited characters from   Other games like Ezio Auditore from   " Assassin 's Creed " or Darth Vader. A   here in   The new part of the game beat the heroes of the series called Geralt.

The exact release date of " SoulCalibur 6 " is not yet   was announced, but   he   it will be exactly   end of 2018. Platforms   - PC, PS4 and   Xbox One.