Maximum action and humor in the final trailer of "Deadpool 2"

By: Eugene Sherban | 22.03.2018, 18:05
Maximum action and humor in the final trailer of "Deadpool 2"

Fox studio showed the second trailer of " Deadpool 2 " , which is called " The very same trailer. " AND   it's really the same trailer that everyone wanted to see   - if in   the first was a lot of jokes and   little logic, then   this one looks much more concrete and spectacular.

ABOUT   than a film

A   here is the most interesting   - despite   the fact that the film will be released already 17   May, u   there is no official synopsis. Yes, there will be a mutant of   future Cable, there will be a Domino that can manipulate probabilities, there will be many jokes and   a little revenge, but   until nothing   understandably. Maybe it's   to   better. Well and   The official synopsis of " Deadpool 2 " already now looks like the best film on Earth. But about him after the trailer.

But the version without censorship .

But, actually, as officially sounds the plot of the second part.

" Having survived the consequences of the almost fatal attack of cattle, the disfigured dining chef (Wade Wilson) is struggling to realize his dream and   become the hottest bartender of the town of Mayberry, and   also learn how to cope with   loss of sense of taste. Seeking to restore its taste to   life, and   also a flux capacitor, Wade must fight with   ninja, yakuza and   a gang of aggressive dogs. Traveling by   Wade will gain an understanding of the importance of family, friendship and   smell, and   will also find a new taste for   adventure and   finally will earn the coveted coffee mug with   inscription "The best lover in   world " .