AI learned to play in Battlefield

By: Eugene Sherban | 24.03.2018, 14:17
AI learned to play in Battlefield

Electronic Arts has presented a curious timepiece of its SEED division   - artificial intelligence, which can play well in   Battlefield 1. And   although computer bots for multiplayer games are not   at   novelty (hello, Quake 2), but   at   Unlike   old, this bot is learning.

How good is AI?

AT   shown clip we   We see how a crowd of bots is hacked into   Battlefiled 1. Not cut   very skillfully, but   fun and   fervently   - look at how   0:20 The player is pushed through a crowd of enemies like Alexander Nevsky. It is interesting that all these bots are simultaneously managed by one and   that   the same neural network.

As the AI ​​creators told   using special markers on   they long coached the neural network to adapt their behavior to   depending on   situation, the amount of health and   cartridges. When the bots ran into several tens of thousands of hours, they learned to shoot quite well, use shelters and   it is better to react. This brought them   on   The level of a novice player who   generally well acquainted with   shooters. The only thing with   than not yet   cope bots   - with   inaction. If there is no opponent nearby, then   they simply do not   know what to do, turn yulia on   one place.

Why this is necessary

The developers believe that this direction can be very promising. For example, for learning AI   at   single-player games. To prevent opponents from   behave like cannon fodder, and   partners did something more useful than just not   to interfere with. Well and   if one day everyone leaves to play in   COD and   PUBG, then   they will be able to fill the maps with Battlefield bots.

Source: Kotaku