Strategy Analytics: smart phones 5G will be massive by 2021

By: Eugene Sherban | 24.03.2018, 15:42
Strategy Analytics: smart phones 5G will be massive by 2021

Analysts at Strategy Analytics analyzed the history of development and   sales of mobile phones for   the last 15 years and   predict that the available 5G in   smartphones do not   It is worth waiting for before 2021.

More about   prediction

The first smartphones with   support for fifth generation 5G networks   market in   first half of 2019. But   on   ways to   mass market   have a little trampling on   place. Initially, 5G will run on   market of China, Japan, South Korea and   USA. It starts in   2021 year. In parallel, the tube with   4G   - their   market share to   2020 will be 80%. Smartphones with   2G to   This moment will be an endangered dinosaur   - on   their   the share will remain 10% of the market.

A year later, Strategy Analytics promises a massive 5G. Networks of the fifth generation to   this time will be   most developed countries, the price of   accessories will expire, and   More problems will appear for 5G. After all, in order to watch the video in   YouTube or share photos in   Instagram is quite enough and   current communication standards.

AND   all   same leadership in popularity before   2023 will hold models with   support 4G. TO   word mentioned in 2G in   Unlike   3G is not   will finally die out thanks to the growing demand for   communication in   developing countries.

Source: Businesswire