The new standard of protection will make the Internet safe

By: Igor Nikitin | 26.03.2018, 09:39
The new standard of protection will make the Internet safe

Soon, hackers will curse the Internet Engineers Task Force for creating a new security structure on the Internet.

What is known

Programmers from the IETF have found a way to secure and speed up the encrypted connection on the Internet. The technology of Transport Layer Security 1.3 has not yet become revolutionary, but it contains important improvements. The Internet is a complex system, and it is necessary to make innovations carefully.

How it works

The IETF report on the benefits of Transport Layer Security 1.3 consists of 155 pages, but TechCrunch journalists identified the main thing.

  • Improved handshake of the client and the server to minimize the amount of information transmitted in the box.
  • Hackers will no longer be able to take decryption keys from one exchange and use them in the future.
  • The algorithms of encryption "legacy" are removed. Attackers used them forcibly, and they also broke encryption in messages.
  • Improved and the time of reception and transmission of the signal. Now, to re-send information from the server to the client, you do not need to re-calculate the connection time.

Just the beginning

The developers specified that it is not worth waiting for an immediate effect. Technology will evolve if companies, web services and other high-level standards will use it. Most likely, you will not even notice the presence of TLS when it will be used.