Rumor: Apple plans to assemble iPhone SE 2 in India

By: Bohdan Chub | 26.03.2018, 21:49
Rumor: Apple plans to assemble iPhone SE 2 in India

Some experts doubt that Apple will update the iPhone SE this year, as the company is busy developing three flagship models with the design of the iPhone X. If the successor of the compact smartphone does appear, it is more likely that the gadget will be assembled in India, sources Tekz24 reported.

Why wait?

It is assumed that the iPhone SE 2 will be similar to its predecessor and will receive a display with a diagonal of 4 to 4.2 inches. So there is no frameless design . The rumors ascribe to the gadget the four-core chipset Apple A10 (like the iPhone 7), 2 gigabytes of operative and 32/128 gigabytes of internal memory, as well as a battery with a capacity of about 1700 mAh.

As for the assembly of the smartphone, it will be commissioned by the Indian manufacturer Wistron. At the facilities of the company is already released part of the iPhone SE, and the second model it has already an exclusive contract. Some publications have suggested that the iPhone SE 2 itself will only be sold in India, but it is unlikely that Apple will give up the global launch of the model.

When and how much?

According to preliminary data, the price of the iPhone SE 2 in India will be about $ 400 against $ 350 for the current model. The release should not be expected in the near future - the smartphone will not be shown at the presentation on March 27 (where a cheap iPad is expected), or at the WWDC conference.

Source: Tekz24