The camera Huawei P20 Pro set an absolute record rating DxOMark, ahead of Galaxy S9

By: Eugene Sherban | 28.03.2018, 12:46
The camera Huawei P20 Pro set an absolute record rating DxOMark, ahead of Galaxy S9

Immediately after the presentation of the Huawei P20 line, experts with   DxOMark crowned the smartphone as the new leader among mobile cameras. It's funny that P20 as   would have broken the resource rating, for the first time among smartphones typing in   109 points from   100. Although the SLR cameras, of course, have long overcome this milestone.

What experts say

AT   DxOMark ate, perhaps, a flock of dogs on   testing of cameras and   try to approach   estimates objectively, but   at   this time there were continuous enthusiasm. " Each new generation of smartphone cameras is usually a bit better than the previous one. But   looking at   test results P20 Pro, it seems, Huawei leaped one or two generations,   - experts explain DxOMark. -   Triple P20 Pro Camera   - this is the biggest innovation in   mobile photo that we   seen in   a long time " .

Behind   that they praised and   scolded

AT   in general , there is not much point in dwelling on   details. They praised almost everything   - clear color rendition, accurate and   fast autofocus, high-quality flash, low noise, bokeh effect in portraits and   ability to pull even hopeless images into   conditions of poor lighting. Scolded small color artifacts that appear when the lighting is too bright and   some shoals when working with   strong zoom. By   results of photo testing Huawei P20 Pro scored a record 114 points. Behind   video more modest 98 points. The average score was 109.


You can see more test photos on the DxOMark website .
Well   and   be sure to read the first impressions of Tekhnoslaw Bergamot, who visited   presentations and   managed to touch the smartphone with my own hands.

Have   what smartphone was the best camera

AT   the end of last year   ranking shared Google Pixel 2 and   iPhone X. But   most recently there rushed in Galaxy S9 +, which scored 104 points from   100 possible by   parts of the photo and   91 points for   video. The overall rating of the S9 has leveled off to   99 points. AND   this is the best result for   the entire history of the resource. Rather was the best before   appearance of P20. Now the wonderful camera S9 rolled back on   second place ranking. I wonder how long for   The first place will hold P20?

Source: DxOMark

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