Huawei will "hide" the cutout on the displays of the new P20 flagships

By: Elena Shcherban | 28.03.2018, 18:43
Huawei will "hide" the cutout on the displays of the new P20 flagships

Just yesterday, Huawei introduced its new flagship P20 and   P20 Pro , and, perhaps, the only thing for   that you can scold the manufacturer   Is an iPhone-like cutout in   the upper part of the screens where the front camera was placed and   sensors. It's already ... the eleventh model with   " Monobrow " , but   If Apple strictly prohibits applications hiding the " bangs " , then   at   Huawei, on the contrary, legalized attempts to get rid of   her.

A   it is legal?

This useful function goes " in the   bundled "with   new smartphones, so no third-party applications   required. After activating the option, a black bar appears at the top of the screen, which seems like a solid thick frame to the naked eye.

There are rumors that such a   the same function appears and   at   LG   G7 , which was also inspired by the development of the iPhone X. Thus, users will be able to decide the fate of the " bangs " . A   what tablet will you choose, red or blue?

Recall that in   Unlike   " Good policeman " Huawei, Apple has obliged developers already with   next month to adapt all new applications available in the   App Store, under the characteristic notch. A   Google, by   rumors, is preparing an update for Android , which will take into account the features of such smartphones.

Source: Android Police