MacOS received official support for external video cards

By: Igor Nikitin | 30.03.2018, 20:31
MacOS received official support for external video cards

In June 2017, Apple announced that macOS will receive support for external video cards. The hour of reckoning has come, and the company has fulfilled its promise in High Sierra version 10.13.4.

What is known

The external graphics card connects to the Macbook using the Thunderbolt 3 port. This will speed up the computer, especially in heavy games and editing. Apple also stressed that the bundle is suitable for virtual reality.

Not everything is so rosy

If you have already decided to run to the store for a new vidyuhoy - stop. Apple does not change its traditions and has imposed some restrictions on the use of an external video card.

For example, not all models of graphics chips are supported. Officially, Apple only supports AMD Radeon cards. At the same time, this does not mean that GeForce will not work. Some users connected cards from NVIDIA while the function was in the beta stage.

You can also forget about using an external video card on Windows via Boot Camp. Even if you connect it to a computer, you will not get anything. At the same time, the opportunity is available to developers. Most importantly, you need a Mac with support for Thunderbolt 3. This will help you with Macbook Pro starting in 2016, as well as iMac and iMac Pro, released no later than 2017.