On the AOSP website found a mention of Pixel 3

By: miroslav-trinko | 06.04.2018, 13:12
On the AOSP website found a mention of Pixel 3

Resource XDA-Developers found the first mention of the next Google smartphone. From their words, the novelty will get a name (you better sit down here) Pixel 3. Naturally, it was obvious, given the previous names of devices.

What is known

Mention of the device found on the site AOSP (Android Open Source Project). In fact, the information comes from Google. In the section titled "Cherrypick" there is a comment that says that the function indicated in it works only on the Pixel 3 smartphone. In the "source" there is nothing about the specifications of the smartphone. We can assume that most likely there will be two versions of the device: a small (or not) Pixel 3 and a large Pixel 3 XL.


When to expect

Do not expect the presentation of new products in the next six months. Perhaps, the announcement will take place in October, as it was with previous models.

Source: XDA