Facebook will notify users whose data came to Cambridge Analytica

By: Elena Shcherban | 09.04.2018, 13:54
Facebook will notify users whose data came to Cambridge Analytica

FROM   Today, Facebook will begin to inform users about the   that their   personal data could be obtained by the British analytical firm Cambridge Analytica.

Letters of Happiness

AT   Facebook notes that "they will inform people if their   data in   a violation of the rules could have been transferred to Cambridge Analytica. " If such a message appears in the   your news feed, you   You can also check what information   you " leaked " .

In addition, absolutely all users will receive a detailed description of what applications they use and   what data they use. If you   consider that something   or other application too much about   you know   - you   you can turn it off.

Recall that in   Facebook said that the number of " affected " users more than previously voiced 50   million. AT   companies talk about   87   millions of users. Most of   them   - US residents, but   There are also " victims " B   Indonesia and   on   The Philippines. A   at   letter to the European Commission, the company's management acknowledged that among the data that   Cambridge Analytica, there were reports of   2.7   million   European citizens.

For those in the   a tank

AT   2013, Professor of Cambridge University Alexander Kogan created another test application in   spirit of " find out, you   pretzel or gingerbread. " AND   for its passage it was necessary to open access to   data of your page. However, the application was more cunning and   accidentally asked at the same time to open access to   account data, which are in   friends   the user. AT   The test passed 270 thousand people, but Kogan collected personal data from millions of users.

A   at   early 2015, Kogan sold the data to Cambridge Analytica , which deals with political consulting. Having on   so much private information, the company was able to influence the   political elections   the whole world. This is about   200 election campaigns for   the whole world   - in   Nigeria, Kenya, the Czech Republic, India, Argentina , etc.

Tomorrow, April 10, in   Within the framework of the investigation, the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg intends to speak in   The US Congress.

Source: Facebook