Google is preparing a radical redesign of Chrome

TO   its 10th anniversary Chrome browser should be completely updated. Change and   desktop, and   mobile version.

Google is preparing a radical redesign of Chrome

It seems that   Autumn Google is preparing for users a completely updated browser Chrome. By   at least, about   This is evidenced by references to   Material Design 2 in   code.

What will change

The first " sketches " of developers can be assessed already now in the   the latest versions of Chrome Canary or Chromium. To do this, enter in the   address bar chrome: // flags / # top-chrome-md and   change the option to   touchable, then restart the browser.


As you can see, the search string " rounded " , and   controls and   The indentation between them has increased. A   all in order to use Chrome was convenient both on   computer, and   on   tablet or laptop with   touch screen. Perhaps in this way Google is preparing for   the flow of tablets running Chrome OS .


Of course, this is far from being   all innovations, but   at   the browser should get dramatic changes. Presumably, Material Design 2 will have common elements with   the design of the operating system Android 9.0.

When to expect

It is expected that the updated Chrome will be released on September 2   - it is in   this day the browser will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Change should and   desktop, and   mobile version.

Source: XDA Developers