Hackers hacked YouTube and removed the most popular clip - "Despacito"

By: Elena Shcherban | 10.04.2018, 21:27
Hackers hacked YouTube and removed the most popular clip - "Despacito"

Today video hosting YouTube has undergone a hacker attack. Only the music clips of the Vevo channel were affected, and they are very popular.

«Despacito»   - Goal No.   1

The main goal of hackers was the clip of Luis Fonsi and   Daddy Yankee " Despacito " . It was replaced by   video from   image with   armed   suits and   masks from   Spanish series " Paper House " (La   casa de   papel). On   " Liberation of Palestine " was displayed on the screen. AND   no wonder: just 5 days ago he   became the most viewed YouTube video, for the first time breaking the mark in   5   billion views.


The video was recently restored.

Who else

In addition, hackers changed the names and   information clips of other artists, such as Shakira, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Drake, Kathy Perry, DJ   Snake, Selena Gomez and   other

Who did this and   what for

Responsibility for   attack took on   the hacker group Prosox and Kuroi ' sh. One of   the alleged hackers wrote on Twitter that they started everything for fun. " I   just used a script that changes the names of music videos. Not   Judge me, I   I love YouTube » ,   - he admitted.

AT   YouTube has not   comment on hacking.

Source: Air Force