In the US, it was banned to supply ZTE chips Qualcomm and other components

By: Elena Shcherban | 17.04.2018, 17:32
In the US, it was banned to supply ZTE chips Qualcomm and other components

It looks like   the disfavor of the US authorities was not   only Huawei , but   and   other Chinese companies. AND   If the first was banned from selling their smartphones through American operators, then   at   case ZTE went to   more extreme measures.

What happened

The US Department of Commerce prohibited ZTE from supplying any components of American manufacturers. And the ban will be in effect until   13   March 2025!

Why banned

Chinese electronics manufacturer is not   The first time falls under US sanctions. AT   Last year, ZTE was fined   $ 890   million for   supply in   North Korea and   Iran, in   Bypassing trade embargoes, goods with   use of components from   USA. The company paid the money, but   also promised to fire four top managers and   punish employees who   transactions with   Iran.

But   promises are not satisfied   will, and   yesterday, the US Department of Commerce said that   ZTE is not   conditions " world " , so in   within the next 7 years   not   see the components of   States.

What now

A   now ZTE is not   can get 25 - 30% of the components for their products, and   at   First of all, these are Qualcomm processors. Therefore, the output of the flagship Axon 9 and   Axon 9 Pro on   the base of Snapdragon 845 platforms is now in question.

In addition, losses incurred and   American suppliers. For example, Maynard before   30% of its income was received through transactions with   ZTE.