Opera introduced a new mobile browser Touch

By: Elena Shcherban | 25.04.2018, 20:54
Opera introduced a new mobile browser Touch

Opera company introduced a new mobile browser called Touch. is he   It was created for people who are used to using the Internet " on   go " , then   there is a parallel with   travel to   transport, walking and   food. The Touch interface lets you manage it   with one hand.

What it is

All the main elements of the browser are located in the   within reach of the thumb. " We   key functions of the browser in   within reach of your finger,   - said the manager of   the product of Opera Maciej Kotzemba. -   This means that it will be easier for you to view the sites and   search in   on   in   Unlike   many other browsers. "


At the bottom is the Fast Action button, which allows you to switch to   select, close or refresh the page, start searching or entering the address, find the latest tabs.

Opera Touch also supports voice search and   allows you to scan QR   and   barcodes .

Syncing with   PC

FROM   Using the Flow function, you can " tie " your smartphone to   computer, then   There is a mobile version of Opera with   desktop. Once scanned QR code , users can transfer to the   different files, letters, notes, photos and   In addition, the   different gadgets will be opened alone and   those   tabs and   the specified settings are set. The   There is, starting, for example, reading a book on   screen smartphone, you   you can continue reading on   computer.

The Flow function is available and   at   the last update of the PC version of Opera, which also came out today.

Where can I download

The mobile browser Touch is already available for download on Google Play , but   For Android devices only . Soon there will be a version for iOS.

Source: Opera