The shares of Apple reached a record level due to Warren Buffett

By: Elena Shcherban | 05.05.2018, 13:39
The shares of Apple reached a record level due to Warren Buffett

Shares of Apple on   NASDAQ yesterday updated its historic high and   completed a week of record growth from   October 2011.


Thus, the company's shares rose immediately to   4.11%   - up to   $ 184.16 thousand for   valuable paper. Today, this indicator decreased by   0.12%. AT   As a result, the value of the security of Apple was $ 183.8 thousand, and   the market capitalization of the company exceeded $ 930   billion

FROM   The shares of the iPhone maker rose around   8%.

And here Warren Buffett

While one of the   The richest people in   world, he said that in   the first quarter of this year, his investment company Berkshire Hathaway bought 75   million shares of Apple, which will add to the   165.3   millions acquired earlier. Now Berkshire Hathaway   - the third   the amount of investment investor Apple.

AT   interview with CNBC Buffett not   limited to dry figures, and   added a couple of flattering words to   address of Apple. " This is an incredible company. If you look at   Apple, I   I think that they earn almost twice as much as the second   the profitability of the US company "   - said the billionaire.

" I   Always admired Warren and   was always grateful for   his understanding and   advice » ,   - I answered   this interview is the head of Apple Tim Cook.

Source: Bloomberg