Huawei develops a game of smart watches Watch Game

By: Pavel Chuikin | 08.05.2018, 10:49
Huawei develops a game of smart watches Watch Game

The profile portal LetsGoDigital published a patent for the game smart watch Huawei Watch Game. The information was found in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

What was told

Judging from data from the patent, Huawei Watch Game is a "smart" clock for games, where the gamer does not use a smartphone or other additional gadgets. The screen Huawei Watch Game is square and resembles the design of Apple Watch. The display takes up 90% of the front panel, and control in games is done using a strap and gestures. The patent also mentions a touch strap, which is needed for various tasks, including a special menu, convenient selection of text and typing on a virtual keyboard. To fully immerse in the game, the clock needs to be removed and moved as a joystick.

Supervises the work of smart watches Wear OS shell. According to rumors, Huawei Watch Game will be on sale in the next two years. Detailed specifications, other features and exact release date are still unknown.

What to expect

If the rumors are confirmed and Huawei does present the "smart" Watch Watch, they are unlikely to be easy to use and will please the creators with big sales. Rather, it will be a gadget for fans and those who are chasing unusual devices.

Source: LetsGoDigital