Leak or duck? Prefix Xbox 720 for $ 300 with the controller Kinect 2

By: Евгений Бонд | 18.06.2012, 10:01
Leak or duck? Prefix Xbox 720 for $ 300 with the controller Kinect 2

While we enjoyed rest and football on weekends, the rest of the world's Internet community was already reading the leaked multi-page 2010 document, which tells a lot about Microsoft's plans for the gaming industry, in particular, the yet unannounced Xbox 720 game console, its debut at the end of 2013 at a price of $ 300 for a kit with a Kinect 2 controller. It is not known how truthful this document is, but if it was quickly removed from the source, then there is something in it. Xbox 720 The company plans to endow the next generation of the game console with support for Blu-ray discs (and this is after they lost in the battle of HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray), 3D glasses, third-party applications and additional sensors and accessories. The multimedia component already existing in the Xbox 360 will not disappear. The document promises a 6-fold increase in performance, but at that time Microsoft could not decide on the choice between multi-core ARM or x86 processors, but they were definitely going to equip the console with an additional 3- a 3.2-GHz PowerPC processor (for backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games). There are no illustrations with the design of the new prefix, unless, of course, we consider such a flat rectangle in the pictures, but the expected life cycle of the upcoming novelty is 10 years with a forecast of 100 million sold consoles. What will happen after: a new console or all of the gaming activity will move to the clouds - this yet no one really knows (we vote for the second, and you?).


Kinect 2 The next generation of Kinect controller predictably promises significantly increased accuracy of motion estimation, voice recognition and camera resolution. It is also possible to play the four of them.


KINECT GLASSES (PROJECT FORTALEZA) And here are the branded 3D glasses, the support of which was already mentioned at the beginning of the news. The usual active 3D glasses communicate with the source via Bluetooth, but these have a built-in Wi-Fi or 4G module and claimed virtual reality support, like the recently sensational Google Project Glass. It is interesting that the release of points is planned for 2014, that is, they will not be released simultaneously with the prefix.