Germans show how they train Ukrainian military on PzH 2000

By: Mykhailo Stoliar | 05.05.2024, 10:10
Germans show how they train Ukrainian military on PzH 2000

The Germans have published a video showing Ukrainians being trained on the PzH 2000 self-propelled artillery system.

Here's What We Know

Video footage published by the Bundeswehr shows Ukrainians training on the self-propelled artillery system. Foreign instructors, together with members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, conduct training: they start with simulators and then move on to practical exercises on the PzH 2000 itself.

This joint Ukrainian-German initiative not only raises the level of professionalism of the Ukrainian military, but also provides them with modern weapons. In particular, Germany's military assistance includes the supply of PzH 2000, as well as crew training and ammunition.

Compared to Soviet equipment that has been in service for many years, the PzH 2000 opens up new opportunities for the Ukrainian military. Its excellent technical characteristics and greater operational efficiency give the Ukrainian Armed Forces an advantage in confronting the Russian occupiers.

Germany plans to supply Ukraine with 18 more of these self-propelled artillery systems in the coming years.


The PzH 2000 is a self-propelled artillery system that is a highly accurate and powerful system with a 155-mm smoothbore howitzer. It is capable of hitting at a distance of up to 30 km and has a fast response to targets. The vehicle is effective against ground and air targets, has robust armour and a compact crew compartment. The weight of the PzH 2000 is about 55 tonnes.

Source: Verteidigungsministerium